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Experiencing any of these issues?

Password ProblemsPrinter Problems Slow ComputersWIFI Does Not WorkSlow InternetUnsaved DocumentsCan’t Log InLost Files

Call logic-IT now so we can provide you with the proper IT support and help for your business and team in the office or remotely.

logic-IT Technology Support Service includes:

Your workers can be productive and continue operations at home. Keep your business running in urgent situations. Business consistency across environments.

Cloud AWS and MS Azure platforms. Virtual servers and desktops that are running LInux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Virus and spyware management and virus removal. Managed device encryption. Active response to enabled backup alerting. Specific third-party applications listed in scope. Regulatory compliance reviews (HIPAA/HITECH, PCI,ETC).

Early warning of system degradation and failures. Limit unexpected downtime for critical business systems.

Named cloud AWS and MS Azure platforms. Virtual servers and desktops that are running LInux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat support.  Handheld and mobile device support. Printer support. Platform user and file permissions support (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud,, O365). Virus and spyware management and removal. Computer hardware troubleshooting. File and system recovery from backup. Specific third-party applications as described in service plan scope.

No voice recording. Person to open your ticket. Simple frustration-free answers.

Gain insights into your individual workstations, servers and network devices. Detect problems and alerts. Deployment of critical Operating System patches and updates.  Examine the utilization of system resources, CPU, disk space and memory.

A support help desk you can count on.

Having access to the logic-IT support desk provides your business with a smooth and easy way for your users to receive the technical support on hardware and software they need. This will reduce downtime for your business and employees. So that your business can give your customers the best experience possible.

logic-IT will be your front-line defense to any major technical problems or upgrades needed. When issues arise, our approach is to identify, resolve, restore and report the issue while tailoring to your needs. Working with our experts will allow you to improve your system before any major problem occurs.

When you call us for help you can expect:


Questions and diagnostic techniques will be used to troubleshoot the problem.


An understanding technician will help you through the process.


Sometimes we can resolve the issue by walking you through the problem-solving process.

The Logical Solution

logic-IT can handle individual technical problems to an entire systems outage with our customer service desk. Our goal as your Help desk is to keep your business running smoothly. We have created a support system your business can count on:


Identify thE SOLUTION


Find a resolution


Restore servicE


Log and report issues

logic-IT provides support help desk for clients anywhere and at any time!